Achieve your organizational and personal goals…

Trained as a mediator and a counselor, Mark has spent the last 25 years working with organizations and individuals to maximize potential and meet organizational and personal goals. Through his leadership roles in corporations, non-profits,  health care, real estate, the public service sector and consulting, he has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to work with a wide range of clients. Read Testimonials

“Mark Furnari is an approachable, knowledgeable, kind and engaging individual. I first connected with Mark during one of his visits to our district. During that visit with Mark, I experienced his deep desire to help all employees reach their fullest potential. As a result of this connection, I made a decision, in my role of Assistant Superintendent, to personally work with Mark to improve my skills. As our relationship grew through my 360 review and his coaching, I made a decision to have him work with mid-level managers and, recently after I became Superintendent, our school administrators. His ability to provide clarity as to how we collect, interpret and utilize feedback from one another is masterful.

The FYI work and resources he has provided is alive in our district and I believe is significantly helping us to reach a higher level of satisfaction in everything we do. Some of the most powerful aspects of the FYI work are the development of common language for feedback, improvement and hiring; the varied resources and tools that Mark brings to the work and the long-term potential for professional development for key staff.”

David Young, Superintendent of Schools, South Burlington School District